PostHeaderIcon Van Iterson/Stanik/Machtel/Vink @ Pavlov

30th September 2018

Martijn van Iterson, guitar/Juraj Stanik, piano/Jos Machtel, bass/Martijn Vink, drums

Martijn van Iterson is one of the world's foremost jazz guitarists. Many in the know, including Pat Metheny, have testified to van Iterson's mastery. Equipped with a peerless technique, he is also a master of time, tone and perhaps most importantly, taste. Joining will be a dream band featuring three of Europe's best: the visionary pianst Juraj Stanik, the towering bassist Jos Machtel, and the incredible Martijn Vink on drums.

Admission free

Concert from 4 p.m. ‘til 6 p.m.

Bar & Restaurant Pavlov, Spui 173, Den Haag
Tel. (070) 3622700