PostHeaderIcon Anna Seriese & The Gijs Idema Trio @ Pavlov

19th November, 2017

Anna Serierse & The Gijs Idema Trio

Vocalist Anna Serierse, guitarist Gijs Idema, bassist Cas Jiskoot, and drummer Tim Hennekes represesnt the very best of a new generation of jazz musicians in Holland. With musicality and maturity way beyond their years, each of these young musicians has been involved in jazz since their early childhoods. Together, they have emerged as a unique and compelling force on the Dutch jazz scene, with Anna Serierse functioning both as the group's singer, and as an instrumental voice, perfectly integrated into the sound of the band. Not to be missed!

Admission free

Concert from 4 p.m. ‘til 6 p.m.

Bar & Restaurant Pavlov, Spui 173, Den Haag

Tel. (070) 3622700