PostHeaderIcon Nadia Basurto @ de Bordelaise

24th June 2017

Nadia Basurto, Vocals

Nadia Basurto is a fantastic singer who left her homeland of Spain to live in the Netherlands in 2008. Much loved among jazz musicians for her daring and intuition, and for the depth of feeling she brings to every song she sings. She has a wide range of musical influences, and performs in a variety of contexts, from straight ahead jazz, to Brazilian songs, to Portuguese Fado, and she is well know for her ability to silence a busy room with her authoritative and impassioned vocals. With Francesca Tandoi, piano, bass and drums TBA.

Admission free

Concert and jam session from 9 p.m.

De Bordelaise, Huijgenspark 20, 2515 BA Den Haag

Tel. (070) 220 7454