PostHeaderIcon Eric Ineke Group w/ Juraj Stanik @ Pavlov

10th December 2017

Special guest

Eric Ineke group w/ Juraj Stanik @ Pavlov

The recently knighted "Sir" Eric Ineke is a veteran Dutch drummer known far and wide as "the ultimate sideman." The list of musicians he has worked with is testament to his immense legacy. Just to name some tenor saxophone players, there's Dexter Gordon, Joe Henderson, Lucky Thompson, George Coleman, Ben Webster... In addition to his own band, the Eric Ineke Jazz Xpress, and as a memeber of the Rein de Graff trio, Eric continues to be the ultimate sideman in all kinds of situations. Joining will be the brilliant pianist Juraj Stanik, Finnish alto saxophone virtuoso Pekka Pylkkanen, and Steve Zwanink on bass.

Admission free

Concert from 4:00 p.m. ‘til 6:00 p.m.

Bar & Restaurant Pavlov, Spui 173, Den Haag
Tel. (070) 3622700