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A Hague Jazz tradition since 2007

A Hague jazz tradition since 2007 hosted by guitarist Dan Nicholas. EJP@PAVLOV is a weekly concert series where the greatest jazz musicians in Holland and beyond perform on Sunday afternoons. With two floors, two bars, and major amounts of outdoor space including a charming hidden terrace and an elegant upstairs deck, Bar Restaurant Pavlov has some of the best atmosphere to be found anywhere in The Hague.

Featured Artists

EJP@Pavlov regularly features a wide range of heavyweight guest artists including Ferdinand Povel, Benjamin Herman, Ack van Rooyen, Simon Rigter, Frits Landesbergen, John Ruocco, and Sjoerd Dijkhuizen. EJP@Pavlov has also hosted guest artists from many corners of the globe including New York, Paris, Rome, Madrid and Prague. International guest artists who have performed at Pavlov include Barry Harris, Grant Stewart, Gary Smulyan, Dado Moroni, Jeremy Pelt, Dave Liebman, Phil Harper,  and Willie Jones III

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