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14th October 2018

Special guest

Rob van Kreeveld, piano

Rob van Kreeveld is one of Holland's greatest pianists. An immense knowledge of jazz and classical music constantly inform and inspire this uniquely creative musician. In a career that began in the 1960s, he has performed with Stan Getz, Joe Pass, Toots Theilmans, Joe Lovano, Woody Shaw and many, many others. 

Rob will be featured in trio, perhaps the greatest context for his mastery, with TBA on bass and Hans Braber on drums. 

followed by a set with guests.

Admission free

Concert from 4 p.m. ‘til 6 p.m.

Bar & Restaurant Pavlov, Spui 173, Den Haag

Tel. (070) 3622700



The meeting between Marjorie Barnes and Equinox is of a true collaborative spirit. Miss Barnes’ singular vocal gifts shine brightly over the band’s signature sound, in tailor made arrangements that make for a perfect fit. Marjorie Barnes pulls off a virtuoso balancing act between a deep wisdom gained from a long life in music and an endless youthfulness of spirit. The music of Equinox finds a similar balance between firm jazz roots and a continuous spirit of musical exploration and adventure. Miss Barnes brings great emotional and personal depth to her singing, influencing and inspiring the instrumental interplay for which Equinox are well known, making for a fully engaging concert experience.



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